About us

Development and patenting of devices for the sales of ice cream is the origin of LÖLSBERG. Hereby we are looking always for achieving the best possible customer benefit, product quality and service for our commercial users as well as to expand our range of products succesively and make it more attractive for our trade partners and customers.

In order expand our range of products and services for the continously growing snack market we also started representing ROBAND products.

The Roband Grill-Stations  were developed for food service operations with high demand for grilled products such as Paninis, Focaccias, Sandwiches, Toasts or Steaks, Hamburgers, Chicken Fish.

Elegantly designed and crafted, the revolutionary Sycloid® toaster sets a new standard for high speed toast production. The Sycloid’s stylish exterior houses a cleverly engineered machine that provides truly functional energy efficient operation and an outstanding toasting result time after time.

We also offer infra-red Heating Assemblies as well as quartz Heat Lamps which are manufactured from an exclusive extruded anodized aluminium section, specifically designed to breathe. Available in a variety of sizes, the Roband Lamp Assemblies will suit a wide range of applications.

Griddle Toasters are the ideal combination of griddle plate and toaster, whilst the energy resp. temperature of the two areas can be regulated seperately.

And we are sure that we will also have other good new ideas for you.