Roband - Complete set Professional Burger Station with Grill GSA815S-F incl. accessories and Eclipse Bun Toaster ET315-F

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Complete set Professional Burger Station consisting of

  • Grill-Station GSA815S-F

  • PTFE sheets PGS805 with retainer clip RC8

  • Pattern plates GS8-P1

  • Eclipse Bun Toaster ET315-F

Dimensions Grill Station GSA815S-F (WxDxH) approx. 560 x 490 x 220 mm

Dimensions Eclipse Bun Toaster (WxDxH) approx. 480 x 485 x 400 mm

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Following items are included in the delivery of the complete set:

No café, takeaway, restaurant or sandwich shop should be without a Roband Grill Station GSA815S-F. Sealing in flavour, trapping juices and nutrients, these solid, consistent performers efficiently deliver grilled paninis, focaccias and toasted sandwiches as well as tender grilled meat and poultry. Designed and manufactured in Australia a Roband Grill Station is the ultimate tool to help you deliver outstanding results that will keep you customers coming back for more.

Designed for outlets with a great demand for producing grilled bread products such as paninis, focaccias and sandwiches as well as kebabs, the Roband Grill Station delivers heat quickly and efficiently to the food being grilled. Incorporating clever design features such as elements cast directly into the plates themselves, the machine has a fast heat up time and rapidly grills the food enabling you to quickly serve your customers and produce more servings overall to deliver greater profits to your business. Occasionally you may wish to grill meat and poultry, which could later be used as fillings in your focaccias or paninis and this machine is versatile in its ability to produce a beautifully tender result.

Simple and effective non-stick (PTFE) sheets and clip mechanism optionally available. The reusable non-stick sheets and clips will help to keep the machines in a clean, well-presented condition, will help prevent food sticking during the cooking process and also prevents spillage baking-on or carbonizing on the plates over time. Use of the PTFE sheets produces a more flavourful result with thick products and in fact helps to minimize the risk the outer part of the food being grilled whilst it‘s been cooked.

  • Quality high pressure die-cast aluminium cooking plates with cast-in elements for efficient, directional and effective heat transfer

  • Even temperature distribution across each plate and between the top and bottom plates

  • Optional PTFE Sheet & retainer clip keeps the plates clean, prevents food sticking & is removable

  • Precise thermostat for controlling cooking temperature

  • Ability to switch between top and bottom plate operation or bottom plate only operation (e.g. for eggs or bacon)

  • A counter-balanced top plate and an arched handle makes operating the Grill Station easy

  • Easy one-handed loading and unloading of food with the top plate capable of staying partially open at an approximate 45° or 90° angle

  • A load limiter that reduces the resting weight of the top plate on food being grilled or toasted

  • High splash guard with top plate always positioned over bottom plate ensuring grease and crumbs fall onto bottom plate

  • A front positioned grease collection box collects grease and crumbs and is well-positioned for easy removal and cleaning

  • Small counter space requirement due to the elimination of a cumbersome back cable

  • Angled control panel for clear visibility of setting

  • 5 minute timer with warning bell


  • Top plate smooth/bottom plate smooth

  • 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 16A, 2.990 W

  • Dimensions (WxDxH) approx. 560 x 490 x 220 mm

  • Dimensions bottom plate(WxD) approx. 500 x 275 mm

  • Weight approx. 21 kg


PTFE Sheets PGS 805 keep the plates clean, prevent food sticking & are removable

Set with 5 pcs. PTFE Sheets
Suitable for Roband Grill-Stations GSA815
Dimensions (WxD) approx.495 x 740 mm


Retainer clip for PTFE Sheets RC8
Suitable for Roband Grill-Stations GSA815
Dimensions (WxDxH) 495 x 280 x 35 mm


Set with 2 pcs. pattern plates GS8-P1
Suitable for Roband Grill-Stations GSA815S
Dimensions (WxDxH) approx. 498 x 275 x 1 mm


Providing ultimate toasting control for back-of-house kitchen staff, the Roband Eclipse Bun Toaster ET315-F is designed for high speed bun toasting and toasting of small bread based snack items. The machine provides precise and independent variable heat control of the top element and bottom element to enable users to produce the desired result on each side of their product

  • Independent and precise variable control of top and bottom element heat output

  • Control of conveyor belt speed

  • Two entry chutes providing different entryangles, standard wire 48° or stainless steel 25°

  • Front return or pass through chute operation

  • Adjustable angle on rear chute – 3 angles (10°, 17.5°, 25°)

  • Brushed stainless steel housing with removable and reusable stainless steel grease filter

  • Capacity of up to 500 slices of toast per hour or up to 370 bun halves per hour

  • Suitable for toast slices and bun halves up to 40 mm thickness and 130 mm diameter (return chute) or 300 mm (pass-through)


  • 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 16 A, 3.220 W

  • Dimensions (WxDxH) approx. 480 x 485 x 400 mm

  • Weight 23 kg


The equipment need to be sent back to us after use or at the end of the lifetime for waste disposal.

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